Bark Mulch 20mm $47.50 1/2m3 & 50mm $47.50 1/2m3

SIZE: 20 & 50mm
COLOUR: brown

Our bark mulch is available to purchase in either 20mm or 50mm sizes. Bark makes for a long lasting mulch and is a hardy suppressant of weeds, as well as a good option for reducing moisture loss and frozt protection.

Bark is a great choice as a mulch for large gardens or for areas with steep gradients. Displaying excellent resistance to compaction, bark is a useful product for high wind areas and a long-lasting mulch that will slowly breakdown and enrich the soil with nutrients, as well as improve drainage.

Bark mulch can also be spread over weed mat, to add an additional layer of weed control, or as a landscaping option for parks. 50mm bark will create a forest floor while 20mm bark with break down into compost.