Garden Mix $100.00 1/2m3

Gammans Superior Garden Mix is a blend of Hauraki Peat, aged composted and nitrogen stabilized pinus radiata bark fines and horticultural pumice. Added to this is; Dolomite, Gypsum, Lime, 38% Nitrogen blended prill, long term 9 month slow release fertiliser, trace element mix and sterilised sheep pellets.

This blend is fully formulated as a growing media for your raised gardens, pots and tub vegetable gardens and flower beds. Only using the finest products and additives Gammans Superior Garden Mix will provide top class results that will exceed your expectations for up to nine months. This is double the life of most other blends on offer. As it contains Gammans Hauraki Peat it does not require any chemical wetting agent to be added, as the peat supplies its own natural water holding capacity.

Gammans Superior Garden Mix is pH adjusted to between 6.2-6.6.